How to measure yourself

About our sizes:

Our women sizes are closefitting to the body... means small.

Our Shirts are long, 65cm.

Sleeves are long and slim.

Around the waist they are a liitle loose.

Shirts are closefittimg around the hipbones.


1. hight   

2. bust 

the circumference of your chest at its fullest/curviest/most voluptuous point.This is NOT your bra band size! It is also not your underbust measurement, nor your high bust measurement. Wrap the tape around the biggest part of your bust, which on most gals is somewhere at or slightly above nipple level. Breathe normally—do not hold your breath! Measure when wearing your bra which you usually wear. You should not be wearing shirts or pullovers when you measure yourself  

3. waist

the waist is your narrowest part. it is a little above the belly buttom.   

4. hips 

Find the widest point. Your hip measurements should be taken at where your hips are the widest.  

5. arm

Wrap a tape measure around your upper arm between the elbow and the shoulder. Keep the tape measure somewhat taut, but do not let it dig into your skin. Do not tense the muscle.  


Our sizes are ideal for a body height of 165cm to 175cm. Most of our dresses are 85cm long. So if your body height ist bigger or smaller, you can ask us to sew the dress longer or shorter.

At the picture below you can see, how Anna takes her measurements. Anna is usually wearing size 36 or 38. Both fit.




Our sizes for women


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Size individual 

If you aren't sure about your size, write us a message with your mesurements, we will help you. 

We offer individual/mixed sizes between 34 and 46. Just write us your mesurements in the PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION. 

We do NOT offer this produkt in Childrens size or XXL size, because theses sizes need a complete diffrent condtruction of the pattern. 


When you are taller than 170cm or smaller than 160cm, it is better to make the dress longer or shorter.  

If your size is 38, but your hips fit more in a 42, a mixed size might be the right thing for you. 



1. height 

2. bust 

3. waist 


5. arm (we need it even, when you buy a dress or shirt without sleeves)


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